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What does a lodge mean to you?

When we started our journey, we surveyed several people in our community and asked what a lodge represents to them. Their answers were consistent in the atmosphere, feeling, and love that comes from a lodge. We have taken all of these answers to heart and we cannot wait to share how we translated the quotes below into our food and space. 


"Hanging out at a lodge makes me feel happy and together with people I enjoy! It also makes me feel calm and peaceful because I am away from the grind and my typical day to day! All in all, a lodge makes me think of the people closest to me and that I want to spend quality time with them in a cozy destination." 


"Hanging in a lodge makes me feel at home in a place that is meant for people to gather, relax, and enjoy in a beautiful rustic and moody setting. A wholesome down to earth feel." 


"Like I’m part of a grand tradition."


"A place of comfort after a fun day!  Warm, inviting, good drinks, and poutine. Friends, fire, and freedom."


"Hanging out in a lodge is a time to consider the day, cheers with new friends and old, and relax!"


"Hanging out at the lodge is probably my favorite part of a trip. Nothing better than getting buzzed with good drinks and good food." 


"When I am hanging out in a lodge I am excited. Excited to debrief the happenings of the day. Excited to talk a little trash. Excited to have some beers. Excited to plan the next events."


"Warm, cozy, rustic." 


"Love hanging at a lodge. Makes me feel relaxed and content. Love the feeling of being with family and friends in a comfortable, warm environment. Simplicity." 


"Cozy, peaceful, grateful." 


"Hanging at a lodge rejuvenates me. It typically means time spent with a close group. Late night laughs and an afternoon meeting place to get ready for some type of adventure. Fireplaces, nature, and the calmness of being away from the normal everyday grind."


"Hanging out a a lodge makes me feel comfortable (and craving food and beers) and reminds me of hiking trips, skiing or surfing adventures, and a little cabin in the woods."

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